CADABRA FREESTYLE 2 Song Lyrics - Abra Cadabra

Cadabra Freestyle 2 Song Lyrics written by Abra Cadabra. Song was released on 2 June, 2022


(H1K made this)
I been through the pain and the sufferin' (Sho)
That's why I thank God for the paper and hustlin'
Don't like the fame or the hustlin' (Nah)
.38 tucked in my boxers, dem time, that's what I call get the muscle in (Gang)

'Nough chat on the net, but it silent sprints when the hand 

ting or shotgun stutterin' (Sho, sho)

Your bro did squeeze when the hand ting smothered him (Grrt, bap, bap)
Tell me, which one of them wan' test again?
I could put six in this ting, which one wan' dead again? (You know)
Who want lead again?
Made the shotgun (Baow, baow), everything spread at them (Bap)
I remember that day when I try hit ten of them (Sho)
That day we took chase from the fed and them (Bap)

Went 'round there couple days later (Grrt), made the hand ting shell again
I pray to God and ask him "Help me out", I'm losin' myself"

I pray to God and ask him "Help me out, I'm drownin' out"
I can see I'm losin' myself (Hey)
Swear I'm losin' myself
I pray to God and ask him "Hold me down" (Hey)
I pray to God and ask him "Hold me down"
I feel the haters grow and now I'm losin' myself (I'm losin' myself)
Ooh, woah
This life is a cycle, I'm stuck in it (Sho)

I got gunshots for my rivals (Gang, gang)
I can never see a brother that done my brother anything and let him slide
How can I let him slide? (Nah)
When we hear they at a function, we jeopardise it

When we stabbin' niggas up, we don't televise it (Gang)
I remember them days we was terrorizin'
Any opp that we saw, we should've bereavized it
Sawed the block 'nough, nah we don't terrorize it

When the TEC's risin' (Grrt), all hell's risin' (Bap)
F's up or get a chest up
From a block, a gunman turned rich niggas
Broadwater fuckin' farm
Bust my gun even when I had six figures

We was bad but we never had sticks with us
Back my flick shank out and dip you up (Sho)
Mind your mac 'cah my index will lift you up (Grrt, bap, bap)
It's been a while so my index is itchin' cuz

If I could find another way out of all of this then I would (Then I would)
Now I'm in too deep and I'm way too deeper than I should be (I'm way too deeper than I should be)
But I could be greater than this, I could be (Oh, ohh)
If I could find, another way out of all of this then I would (Then I would)

Now I'm in too deep and I'm way too deeper than I should be (Ooh, woah)
But I could be greater than this, I could be (Hey, no problem, no problem)
I ain't never walked street with a empty machine
Every clip in cyclinder 'round me full up

I ain't doin' no war with a yute on the net
I don't risk fun time and on Insta' 'bout "Pull up" (Nah)
When I pull up (Gang), I don't need the whole word seein' my invitation (Sho)
Tryna come through and leave man faceless (Grrt, bap, bap)
I don't want witness statements

How they say Abz jumped on the OFB flick when I was the flick before OFB? (You know)
I can never take chat from a wannabe, flick shank days I was bad with my wallabies (Gang)
They might talk on the net but never in front of me (Nah)
Any drill that I done, I done properly (Sho)

So I hate when the police bother me
Why the trident keep stoppin' me?
I really live this life, I got down opps in my time
Ain't never been shy to jump in the ride

Put on my mask and slide with the guys
Kush pulled up and it's brilliant timin' (Sho)
Hit up my niggas like "Yo, who's slidin'?" (Gang)
Grab the machine and fill it with 'bine (Grrt)
If they say we're inside then who's outside?

Small ting with a whistle, was a 2.5 (Bap)
But a gun paow goes boom, bye bye
I remember when we couldn't get a 3.5
Now we buy machine like a pair of Nikes (Sho)
You can tell my niggas really do live this life

We don't back machine in air and sky (Grrt)
Back machine and air on guys
Hope the doctors get there in time (Gang), you could lose your life
Flicks up, flicks up when my dawgs creep up
Nine millimeter stuffed in the heater (Sho)
Keep on runnin' with your friends, better pray you keep up

From the belly to the forehead, we ain't hittin' knees up (Bap)
I didn't cut when I buss, now my whole team's up
I was broke now I'm richer than my old teacher
No one's losin' here, no alopecia

How they say we just rap? Must be amnesia
Know the ting (Grrt)
Rappers are fuckin' slappers, don't get it twisted (Shh)
Fuck a statement, man leave behind bodies or spent shell casings (Bap)
Still on the frontline raisin' the gun crime, you know (Grrt)

Motherfuckin' vibe
(H1K made this)