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Begging for Rain Lyrics - Maggie Rogers

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Begging for Rain Lyrics


Two, three

[Verse 1]

The more you wait, the more you break

The longer that it takes to undo

All the knots that you've been tying

On cherry stains and black barbed wire too


You work all day to find religion

And end up standing in your kitchen

Wondering 'bout the way it's always been

I'm a firefighter and I can't stop it

They fuel the flames higher than rockets

And leave you standing on an open plain


Begging for rain

Oh, begging for rain

[Verse 2]

I feel it all and I can't stop it

Wish that I could turn my faucet loose

On all my friends who keep on calling

Like nothing's wrong and asking me "what's new?"


I try my best to not be bitter

Give my rage a babysitter

Stop waiting for the adults to come home

It's a firework and you can't stop it

I'm cutting holes in all the pockets

Of everyone that's calling me insane


Oh, waiting for rain

Oh, begging for rain

Oh, begging for rain


I keep waitin'

I keep waitin'

I keep waitin'


Ooh, ooh

Ooh, ooh

Ooh, ooh


Begging For Rain Song Info

Singer: Maggie Rogers

Lyrics By: Maggie Rogers 

Produced by Kid Harpoon & Maggie Rogers

Album Surrender

Music Video

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