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Change Song Details

The song "Change" by NBA Youngboy is a song about the rapper's journey to success. The lyrics talk about the rapper's struggles and how he has overcome them to become one of the biggest names in the music industry. The song is produced by Dmac, BJ Beatz, and MalikOTB, and is directed by Isaac Garcia. The song is set to be released on the 25th of July, 2022.

Change Credits

  • Song: Change
  • Singer: NBA Youngboy
  • Lyrics: NBA Youngboy
  • Produced by Dmac, BJ Beatz & MalikOTB
  • Directed By: Isaac Garcia
  • Album The Last Slimeto
  • Release Date: 25 July, 2022

Change Lyrics

Dmac on the fu*kin' track
Goddamn, BJ with another one (Ayy, ayy, YoungBoy)
(Pain only, oh, oh)
(Pain only, oh, oh, oh) Uh
(Pain, oh, oh) It's YoungBoy
Get yourself together, come on

[Verse 1]
You was lovin' them, I was lovin' you
I'm in love with you but can't be with you
What the fu*k I'm 'posed to do? (What?)

Treat me like a lame, I don't play games like I don't notice you (Like I don't notice)
What the fu*k is it I'm missin' that he givin' that I don't show you? (That I ain't show)

I done sat up in the prison all night, wishin' that I'm holdin' you
Tryna make my money, bring me close to you, I'm feelin' sorry
Love ain't borrowed, it ain't bought, it won't be taken back tomorrow (Taken back tomorrow)

Feel this shameless fu*kin' game left him stretched out 'bout his boy
Body left inside the car, they started arguin' 'bout that boy

Feel like I'm losin' my sane (Oh)
Pain only thing make change
Before anything, I'm a man (A man)
You a woman, then for that nigga, don't change

[Verse 2]
I gotta eat too (Eat), I'm in the streets, too
Caught up in some beef, too, I tucked it, I leave you (Brrt)
Pussy nigga, I could reach you (I could reach you)
Teach your bit*h a lesson for to teach you (Teach you)

Exotic cars, glass house but this bit*h bulletproof
That's how you gotta ride around when they wan' get at you (At you)
Shoot at the whip, jump out this bit*h, and go to spin at you
Everybody that's in gon' hit at you, headshot to finish you
Self defense, still throw the tool (Baow, baow, go)

Pain only thing make change
On the other hand, thuggin', tryna keep my sane
God, there's a reason I'm clutching', they wan' bust my brain (Mm)
No, I can't trust her all 'cause she converse about feelin' my man
Dirty game

Feel like I'm losin' my sane
Pain only thing make change
Before anything, I'm a man
You a woman, then for that nigga, don't change

[Verse 3]
I thought you loved a nigga for a nigga
I come to you, won't be neglected
She might wan' sex me, don't ask your bestie, she don't want you or the man
Seen a nigga, he looked like a dyke until they told me what his name
Your face and neck, you got my name
Won't give a fu*k 'bout if you change
Tryna make a dollar while I watch my partner

They wan' see me lose my dignity
Money don't bring class, I'm breaded bad, they cannot get to me
Half a ticket to this bit*h, still, she is not shit to me
Bullets tearin' through the car, they plan on bendin' me
Or pity from property, I'm stuck in this economy

I put money in they pockets although they still plan on robbin' me
Knowin' I gotta watch 'em, I don't like 'em for to ride with me
Know that I'm a Dada, might still pay 'em for to slide for me

Roller coaster, get on top of me, fu*k me good, see my face, looked at Nene
Or kiss the diamond, I close my eyes and vision so much that I see
Could barely sleep, I barely eat, I roll that dope up in the mornin'
Crack of dawn, and catch him comin' out his house, we crack his dome in
Head off

Drive right, flyin' past, we see police
Bro, take that pin from out your gun
Don't be scared, nah

We get caught, we gon' beat this shit
Might be two years before we done
Get the drop, we blitz they shit
We fight, we whoopin' shit, it ain't never one on one (It ain't never one on one)
That's my lil' brother, I know he thuggin'
It's gon' go down, he had me come

Feel like I'm losin' my sane
Pain only thing make change
Before anything, I'm a man
You a woman, then for that nigga, don't change

Change Music Video

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