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Counter Terrorist is a an old song of Awake. This song is now very popular on Tiktok and other platform like Instagram. The lyrics of this song is so amazing.

Counter Terrorist Lyrics

{Verse 1: Awake The Rapper}
A suicide note I'm writing
With what I know
I'm automatic killing these verses like a rifle
I'm moving swiftly as the, (?)
But I find out what the joy and what that smile brings, I'm
Ever lasting forever I'm grasping, reality

Behind got no real questions to ask 'em
Plasm 'em with the double barrel, shotty
Fuck I chop shit like karate
I just kill shit 'cus I'm Bobby, yeah
I'm always cruising 'cus lately I've been losing my mind
On some Doctor Doom shit, that new school bullshit
That type of music that makes you want to go and do shit
When inspiration hits, I won't need facts to prove it
(?) with classic like I'm actually 'boutta be famous or important but I am nothing
And the shit that I am practicing all the time and every night
I guess that didn't happen at 8, that really something

{Hook: Awake The Rapper}
Ain't that really something
Ain't that really something
No matter what I do every night we all die sometime (x2)

{Verse 2: atlas}
The homies stay cruisin', don't confuse it, this is gentle on a (?)
Tryna' fight some demons, use the (?) we for (?)
Into the arrow in my head, it means to (reach them when they go?)
If you think it sounds dope, then that's essentially the goal

I'm just chilling, spoken like a fucking revolutionary
Holding all the weight nobody ever said that you could carry
Moving (?) music like a true (?)
You could sure use a better help to get deeper, (head a?) scuba store
Removing (moral?) myself with every line written
Communicate with my hands through a spy system
It's that, try sipping, high hitting mad man
Back hand every other rapper to the trash can
And still be depressed at the end of the day
But, try not to care 'cus this shit is a game
And it seems like everybody else is throwing like an (afghan?)
So I'll be here patiently waiting to crash, land

{Hook: atlas}
Ain't that really something
It ain't that really something, yuh
Ain't that really something (no matter what I do every night we all die sometime) x2 

Counter Terrorist Song Cast

  • Title: Counter Terrorist
  • Singer: Awake
  • Genre: Rap
  • Released Date: December 23, 2019

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