I Can Lick It I Can Ride It Nicki Minaj Lyrics

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Here is the lyrics of the latest song I Can Li*k It I Can Ride It.

Freaky Girl Lyrics

Intro: Rick James & Nicki Minaj
She’s alright
That girl’s alright with me, yeah
Ayo (Hey, hey, hey, hey!)
Verse: Nicki Minaj
I can li*k it, I can ride it while you slippin’ and slidin’
I can do all ’em little tricks, and keep the di*k up inside it

You can smack it, you can grip it, you can go down and ki$$ it

And every time he leave me ‘lone, he always tell me he mi$$ it

Chorus: Nicki Minaj & Rick James
He want a F-R-E-AK (Freaky girl)
F-R-E-AK (AK), AK (AK)

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