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I Don't Talk Lyrics - NBA Youngboy & PhatBlack

I Don't Talk Lyrics - Presenting I Don't Talk Lyrics Which Is Sung By NBA Youngboy And I Don't Talk Lyrics Are Penned By Vadebeatz NBA Youngboy.

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I Don't Talk Lyrics - NBA Youngboy

I Don't Talk Lyrics - Presenting I Don't Talk Lyrics Which Is Sung By NBA Youngboy And I Don't Talk Lyrics Are Penned By Vadebeatz & NBA YoungBoy. Official Music Video Is Released On YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

I Don't Talk Credits

Song I Don't Talk
Singer YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Lyrics Vadebeatz & YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Album I Don't Talk (Singles)
Label YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release Date 18 July, 2022

I Don't Talk Lyrics

[Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
They talk down on my name, on my face, they brought shame
Blackballed me from up out the game, bitch, stripped me out the fame
I ain't get a thing but a laugh when I told my pain

"Oh, that's hilarious stuff"
Do dirty work with illegal guns, that's what I was in the parish for
Make sure that my children travel, I ain't happy how they perished us
Crime inside the same hood with no options, but they cherised us

Can't be out here flippin' patties, what make you think them hoes gon' fu*k with us?
What the fu*k you think so hilarious? Through my whole career, been doped up
Playin' limbo with that gang fi'

Mama say I was her worst child
Daddy lost his soul inside a trial, that's fifty-five, one long ride
Tell Mike Caren and thank him for that phone call, I'm on now
If that's my girl, I ain't fu*kin' on her friend inside my home, uh

[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
I d'on't talk to my girlfriends, and my girlfriends don't talk to me
Rap game with a bad name, a platinum album, and a North degree
Fu*k what happened, you a woman, you don't speak, oh, nah, nah

Promote the hood, I think they wanna hear from me, oh, nah, nah
Get too close, get smoked like purple, bitch, this that murder shit
YoungBoy pull up, that's when murder hit, know they heard of this
Kaylyn and a Birkin bag even though the bitch still do me bad

Slippin', poppa house big, my baby mama, I was on my as*

[Verse 2: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Tired, confused you need to take some time off for to see
Who really love you, my friend? Got your best interests
Got your back and with your through 'til the end

Don't give no fu*k if you kin
I need my phone call, go, I go to trippin', try to slam me down
I'm with Kaylyn and with Herm inside the car, them hitters ran me down
Phone ring, it's K, "Pick up the phone, KD just got gunned down"

Buck bussin' back, but what 'bout my lil' brother?
Montana son was 'round
She don't love a nigga, she a snake, huh? Her mama thought her that
"You free to fu*k 'round if I don't know about it"

Who the fu*k done thought of that?

I'm a gangster, hang up on your mammy, bitch know I ain't callin' back
I'm a ranger, in the Nawf, it's danger, my fam' ain't stoppin' that

Talk to my brother violent, but Herm got him clapped, my captain
Ain't takin' care of body, she skinny as
*, the fu*k her parents fat?

She stressin', wildin' about her old man, he done took her income tax

Know how she feel, I threw her somethin', I watched niggas do my mama that
He choked her, slam her, kicked on her, spit on her and made her spinal crack
He caught her talkin' to her ex, she tried to lie, he knew it's cap

But shawty was lovin' bro as* and everybody know that that's a fact

Later OD'd from off of doja, it was as strong as nightcap

[Outro: YoungBoy Never Broke Again & PhatBlack]
Run that shit
Run that shit?
Run that shit

Let me see, let me see, let me see, let me see
Hahaha, nah, just go off, just go
I told Tim I ain't fu*k them niggas, I want 'em all

Been bringin' pressure all my life but ain't no sense in calmin' down

If Top ain't feelin' your demeanor, bet I make you move around
Big as* gat under my arm, the Tom make your mama fall

I'm off that bottle, and I'm off that water, be exact
But I ain't [?] store, where they smoke moto' and they servin' packs
Last level, always told you, I'ma kill you if you ever rat

They blocked the entrance off, so I say, "Fu*k it," fall in through the back

4KTrey, nobody safe, look at it, daddy's way
When we in the city, all them nig*as do is hibernatin'

Talk to Monique, she told me, "PhatBlack, hit your knees and pray"
The lawyers say they want the R.I.C.O., that's another case

I Don't Talk Music Video

I Don't Talk FAQs

Who sang the song "I Don't Talk"?

"I Don't Talk" is sung by "NBA Youngboy".

Who wrote the lyrics of "I Don't Talk" song?

"NBA Youngboy" wrote the lyrics of the song "I Don't Talk".

When was the song "I Don't Talk" released?

"I Don't Talk" song release on "18 July, 2022 "

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