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Slattbob Slimepants Lyrics - Lil Nojo

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Your presence on this page show that you are interested to view the lyrics of the latest song Slattbob Slimepants by Lil Nojo.

Slattbob Slimepants - Lil Nojo

Slattbob Slimepants Lyrics - Presenting Slattbob Slimepants Lyrics Which Is Sung By Lil Nojo. Slattbob Slimepants Lyrics Are Penned By Lil Nojo. Official Music Video Is Released On Lil Nojo YouTube Channel.

Slattbob Slimepants Credits

  • Song: Slattbob Slimepants
  • Singer: Lil Nojo
  • Featuring By: Lil 8te
  • Album: Get Back On Earth
  • Release Date: 22 July, 2022

Slattbob Slimepants Lyrics - Lil Nojo

[Intro: Lil Nojo]

Spongebob headahh motherf*cker
Yeah we f*cking this beat up, b*tch
Run it

[Verse 1: Lil 8te]

Walkin’ around in these big ol’ steppas
Hustlin’ on the block, finna count my cheddar
Everyday I finna say I’m ready
If I catch an op, finna hit him in the belly
Swervin’ around like I ain’t got no license
Finna spin on the block and gon’ get indicted
When I’m out, the b*tches say they love me
But I can’t trust no thot
No, I ain’t no dummy

(uh huh)
Oh brother, this guy stinks!

I’m sorry that you smelled me
Came out the hood
Yeah, I know I’m looking messy
I ain’t talking ‘bout dirty
I’m talking ‘bout the sh*t you could when you 30

[Verse 2: Lil Nojo]

All these Bikini Bottom girls
Yeah they out here shakin' @ss
Last week I fell in thorns
And my right hand got a rash
I got zeroes in back to back years of music class
I don't know what I'm doing
But I'm out here makin' cash

(Me and Mr. Krabs)
(Me and Mr. Krabs)

Me and Mr. Krabs cookin' slatty patties
Nelk in the cut with their happy daddies
Spendin' all my bread on new Versaces
But not too much cause I'm countin' tallies
That might sound like I'm in jail
But not anymore, I paid off my bail
It's a long story, I'm not statin' details
However, the FBI still on my tail (what?)

[Outro: Lil 8te]

Man, f*ck Weenie Hut Jr
You feel me
Weenie Hut Jr. block - f*ck you
Weenie Hut Jr. - K

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