Vodila (Gay Remix) Lyrics In English (Translation) - Elisey V&V

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Vodila (G*y Remix) is a latest song sung by Elisey V&V. The lyrics of the song written by Wex, Elisey V&V & BUSHIDO ZHO. The song has been released on July 1, 2022.

Vodila (G*y Remix) Lyrics In English 

[Lyrics to "Vodila (G*y Remix)"]

When I was straight, they were all afraid (Shh)
I hid the potential, like a narrow an*s
I didn't shake their hand because homo*hobes (Ah-h)

I didn't shake their hand because the finger is in the a** (Lorenz, don't stop)

I will not start fu*king in the ass with you, the ass hurts

BUT? Are these your gondolas? (wex on the beat)

Fa**ot feels my vibe, he starts su*king me (Hey)

After the dick in the a**, it hurt me to shit (Hey)

I'm going to a g*y club to sle*p with a man (Hey)

You ain't got nothing to catch here, fu*king straight (Hey)

Fa**ot feels my vibe and he's about to drive it up my ass (Skrrt-skrrt)

See my a** in a thong, I'm a real fagot (Pow)

I don't care about straight people, they just delirious (Nah-nah-nah)

And why all the talk that—
"I don't eat c** for lunch I" (Gang, hold on)

Vodila Song Cast

  • Title: Vodila
  • Singer: Elisey V&V
  • Produced by: Lorenz & Wex
  • Written By: Wex, Elisey V&V & BUSHIDO ZHO

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