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Where 2 Next Lyrics - Wynne

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Are you interested to view the lyrics of the latest song Where 2 Next? Then you are at a right place.

Where 2 Next Lyrics Info

Where 2 Next Lyrics - Presenting Where 2 Next Lyrics Which Is Sung By Wynne And Where 2 Next Lyrics Are Penned By Wynne. Official Music Video Is Released On Wynne YouTube Channel.

Where 2 Next Lyrics

Ain't no half-stepping, fu*k a semi tone
I got entry codes
He call me BB like we're renting homes
So I cuddle him and I send him home

Don't start picturing me in wedding clothes
That's not real life
Fu*k your cartoons, that's a henta* joke
I took a lot of L's in private, we don't mention those
They had plans for me to lose my screws, I put a wrench in those
We were at Henson, crew expensive in some Fendi clothes

Labels taking months to respond and I'm taking mental notes
You let me down, I thought we had a good thing
You changing temperatures on me just like a mood ring
In too deep like good D
Get my paper and I proofread

Stay out the tea, loose leaf
It's all gravy, poutine
Not hard to tell that I'm different
Having heart to hearts with some of my competition
Telling me they're not even close to me, got me trippin'
I'm like "Even if you know I'm better, don't admit it

But you spitting, I'll admit it"
Man, this business unforgiving
Only on my knees when I'm snatching souls

I was out at Capitol
Pulled up in my average clothes

Not even polished like they hit me with some acetone
And the fans still buying me shots 'cause they're glad I'm home
Damn, you had your chance but you fumbled a ten

Now I hug you from the side 'cause I'm fu*king your friend
We'll make a toast to you like butter and bread
Then jam it up inside 'fore he tuck me in bed

Fu*k what you said

Where 2 Next Song Credits

  • Song: Where 2 Next
  • Singer: Wynne
  • Lyrics By: Wynne
  • Album: Where 2 Next - Single
  • Genre: Rap
  • Release Date: July 27, 2022

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