417 Lyrics - Duvy

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Presenting 417 Lyrics Which Is Sung By Duvy And 417 Song Lyrics Are Penned By Duvy. Official Music Video Is Released On "Duvy" YouTube Channel.

417 Lyrics

Put on don't make em lie to you, i promise you gon' get real love
They ain't really shooting, but they say everybody killers
They say you got a big you''ll be alright
I'm outta state, bro he got rp's i just might

In a different city so many trappers young and living life
That shit different, you spend a bag and you ain't know your price
Shit feel different when you spending a bags, i wouldn't even lie
Bro we out in the world, they say we animals

Like free all my bloodies, it feel like time frozen
I ain't that type of n!gga
I'll do it all and you'll never owe me (for real though)
It be the close ones
Better watch ya bruddas
I can't even trust em but in my heart i really love em'

Did so many wrong, i wouldn't blame em if they ain't forgive me
Under covers watching, how you take that deal ?
We used to have love for you, i'm honest

Blood on that corner, we ain't keeping it bool
Blood on that corner, we ain't keeping it bool
I'm a gangsta, I know the code, you know that winners lose
I get the bag, i double up like i'm just meant to do it
My brudda gon spin

Song Information

Song: 417
Singer: Duvy
Lyrics By: Duvy
Album: 417 - Singles
Genre: Pop
Release Date: August 5, 2022

Music Video

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