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Save The Best For Last Lyrics - The Game & Rick Ross

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Presenting Save The Best For Last Lyrics Lyrics Which Is Sung By The Game & Rick Ross And ​Save The Best For Last Lyrics Song Lyrics Are Penned By ​​The Game & Rick Ross. Official Music Video Is Released On The Game YouTube Channel.

Save The Best For Last Lyrics

M-M-Maybach Music

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Pray for the days when the failure was a phase
Or hate was the case but they tell you to your face
The top came down so I never hit the brakes
The bit*hes came out, so we the n!ggas they would chase
Envy was the norm, we the children in the corn
Black male, pickin' cotton, hustles came in different forms

Started with the pies, real ones lost lives
Such a dirty game, now my hand sanitized
I buckled down in a Porsche
Buttoned up, Tom Ford
Head stay on a swivel, they want your boy in a morgue
But fu*k 'em, I want a war
Butt fu*kin' 'em, slow, raw

Pertaining only the women, my lady know I'm a lord, Lord
Forgive me for all my wrongs
Killin' n!ggas for sneakers or sh!t that's said in a song
Puttin' homies in check instead of puttin' 'em on
I'm always put to the test, real ones finishing strong

[Verse 2: The Game]
Fresh up out the gutter, n!gga, yeah
And I can never be them other n!ggas
I don't come through blood n!ggas, a semi not on me
Exchange words and shots with like ten of my homies
And no matter what I do, I'm not good enough
Drive-bys, blood splattered on my shoe, I'm not hood enough
But why cry?
I Waka Flocka Flame, hit your block up

Thug life, it's in my veins, go dig Pac up
I'm where Pac was, only difference, got my Glock up
'Cause I been shot up, time to balance out my chakras
I'm not the same motherfu*ker that I used to be
I'm H.E.R., acoustically
You n!ggas gon' get used to me
I'm tired of n!ggas usin' me, abusin' me

Usually, I make a call, get the windows knocked out your motherfu*kin' eulogy
Imagine n!ggas shootin' me, yeah Compton was like a zoo to me
I'm a lion, king of my jungle, that's why it ain't no gettin' through to me
For my album, early 2000s, I was with the foolery
Outside the L'Ermitage, could've got Fab for all his jewelry
Ain't even really know how to rap yet

I was just a Click Clack vet'
Go find my n!gga AR and ask him, if you wanna fact check
Y'all heard it first (Y'all heard it first)
I ain't even told Fab yet
This might affect our friendship, n!gga

I ain't even ask yet
I ain't even have half of an Aftermath check
All in Brooklyn with you and Clue on the corner with my rag just
Hangin' in the wind, with the stainless in the Benz
Brainless when it spins, and I aim it for all my friends
That go for Ross too
I brought a gun and some chalk too
For openin' up doors, it cost a Maybach just to walk through

And on my dark days, I walk inside a dark booth
Speak what's on my mind but they ain't ready for the hard truth
You can't call yourself king when I taught you
Brought you a classic for you and all your n!ggas to spark to
I ought to, nah, fu*k it
'Cause even Nikki Giovanni had James Baldwin to talk to
So I get high, then I swan dive in a shark pool
With the same red bandana, "Start From Scratch" part two
Nas got the part, so I went and got the part too
Snoop went and pulled the rag out, sh!t, I went and bought that car too

That sh!t was hard too
Run up on it while my son inside it, the .40'll spin your ass around like a barstool
Let Jesus take the wheel, I step on the gas
I wanted a million like Aaliyah, I wish that she never crashed
And I only made it this far 'cause I always knew the task

Understood my greatness and over stood all the math
I don't need your love or the credit, I always got cash
And even now, my 2020 vision is somewhere in the past
Who the next rapper murdered? Every month, a n!gga pass
But me, I'm still alive, I guess they saved the best for last

Save The Best For Last Song Information

  • Song: Save The Best For Last
  • Singer: The Game & Rick Ross
  • Lyrics By: The Game & Rick Ross
  • Produced By: OG Parker & G. Ry
  • Genre: Rap
  • Release Date: August 12, 2022

Music Video

The Music Video Of The Song Save The Best By The Game For Last Uploaded Soon...

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