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Presenting Drake With The Braids Lyrics Which Is Sung By Armin van Buuren And Drake With The Braids Song Lyrics Are Penned By Drake. Official Music Video Is Released On The Game YouTube Channel.

Drake With The Braids Lyrics

[Interlude: Drake]
Yo, what up, yeah, I just wanted to check back in with you
You know, that feature thing
That feature thing's probably not gonna work out right now
It's just, umm, I just got a lot goin' on, you know
I was, I was all over Europe
I had to do like, the meets to Saint-Tropez, you know
I had to live that saga of my life, you know

Just on my Dhristiano Ronaldo shit
You know, I had to go super yacht on 'em
Play the new album, you know how that goes
And then, I don't know, back home now
You know, I just acquired, like, a bunch of new property
So I'm just in the middle of negotiatin' those deals
And then, obviously, I don't really talk about this

But, you know, it's like, I'm workin'
I'm workin' on the side with the Ministry of Defense in Canada
So, you know, that job is just weighin' heavy on me
You know what I'm sayin'?
Umm, and then, obviously, you know, I still do music too, man
So, yeah, I got a lot goin' on, brother
I apologize, umm, but, I'll catch you, though, for sure

I know you keep sayin', "Ah, this is my last album"
I know this not the last one, so, umm, yeah, we'll get to it, man
You know, but, God bless, lookin' forward to hearin' it

Drake With The Braids Song Information

  • Song: Drake With The Braids
  • Singer: The Game
  • Written By: Drake
  • Featuring By: Drake
  • Produced By: Hit-Boy
  • Release Date: August 12, 2022

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