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Facebook Friends Lyrics - Niki

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Providing You The Lyrics Of The Latest Song Facebook Friends With Song Credits. The Song Is Sung By Niki And Facebook Friends Song Lyrics Are Niki. Official Music Video Is Released On Niki YouTube Channel.

Facebook Friends Song Credits

Song Facebook Friends
Singer NIKI
Lyrics By NIKI
Produced by Jacob Ray & NIKI
Label 88rising
Genre Pop

Facebook Friends Lyrics

Wonder what's in the cards for us
Maybe it's just to keep our distance
And stay friends on Facebook (Facebook)
Or maybe I'll get to know you again, and
Tell a sentence from a single look

I don't know what you've been up to these days
Probably involves a lot of vinyl and seeking status
I can't spare the bitter malice
Not while you're forgetting me (Not while you're forgetting me)

But in the rare case that I do cross your mind
I hope you know, you always cross mine
And I can honestly tell you
I've been doing fine, but I've done better, hm
I've been better, I've been better, uh

I wish we met now
Oh, I wish you met this me
I'm pretty sure I know what peace means now
But as always, I was late
And as always you couldn't wait, hm
Well, anyway

In the rare case that I do cross your mind
You better know, you always cross mine
And I can honestly tell you
That I've really been trying to go and find better, hm-mm
But there's no one better, there's no one better

Some days are easier than others
And most nights, I don't feel like a half
And it doesn't hurt as much to think of your lips on another
But I miss hearing you laugh
So, maybe once more, we'll cross paths
Or maybe we won't

Either way, I'll keep you in this song
And I don't know, maybe it doesn't have to be so wrong to try again
But for now, we'll stay Facebook friends
Oh-ooh, woah-oh, ooh-ooh

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