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No Man Falls Lyrics - The Game

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Presenting No Man Falls Lyrics Which Is Sung By The Game And No Man Falls Song Lyrics Are Penned By The Game, Pusha T, 2 Chainz & DONTMINDIFIDUKE. Official Music Video Is Released On "The Game" YouTube Channel.

No Man Falls Lyrics

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
No man fall, we all crutches
Our dancehall, I blame [?]
I don't smile, the chain blushes
In my Ukraine there's no Russias
Kalashnikov, don't piss me off
Walk down with the Special, turn your grizzly off
Memory off, memory loss

Put the fire out in a nigga attic, turn his chimney off
Simply boss, the cross between God body and John Gotti
No Sammy the Bull could tell where we hide bodies
So why try me? My young niggas going kamikaze
Frank White, meet me in the lobby
Shooter's got a bullet with your name on it
Always got a method to my madness, bring the pain on it
I will leave a stain on it, make me go insane on it
See me with the gang so you know I put The Game on it

[Verse 2: The Game]
Drugs like we got a membership
These are the keys you cannot start a engine with
Mario Brothers, we stand on bricks
So many extendos it's like I'm the third member of the Clipse
Pharrell, why would I ever lie to you?
If it's beef, I'll pick your baby mama up, and your son
Strap that lil' nigga in his car seat, make her drive to you
Draw you out the house and let both them go

Balenciaga mask on like, "Where'd COVID go?"
Walk in Delilah's, forty deep like I own Death Row
Say it with my chest, wearing no vest though
Aftermath in the rearview, so I drove for you
Without the chain, without the ring
The one I bought with my advance when them ounces came
What 50 look like doing the verses without The Game?
Earth, Wind & Fire, Ron Isley without the cane?

And where would I be without the 'caine?
Probably the same place Aubrey Graham would be without Lil Wayne
Same place Kendrick Lamar would be without Sherane
Same place Michael Jackson'd be without Jermaine
The Jackson Four just don't hit the same
We did new dope, take that Fentanyl out your veins
First thing I did was cut it when them couches came
Sold all that rock and still wouldn't vouch for Dame

[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
Okay, I'm really one of them, chains, got a bunch of them
Brunch with billionaires, they look around like I snuck in here
Plus I smell like money from my skully to my underwear
Couple diamond chains with some diamond chains up under there
F&N with hollow tips, I ain't with the politics
Screensaver was a room filled with a thousand bricks
You know how I'm coming, boo, make it hard to swallow it

If you don't see me shining, bitch, you need a optometrist
Leather all year 'round, call it carpet brown
Always with my dog like I'm Charlie Brown
As far as the style, this shit is hardly found
I got the Holy Ghost, somebody calm me down
This for street niggas who ain't got their first Rollie
This for drug dealers who know when 12 patrollin'
This for real bitches that know when niggas be phony

Crime pays the most and you niggas can't afford it
Tony Alimony, married to the streets, her ass fat, legs boning
The J's know me 'cause I used to have glass on me
And strippers know me 'cause I come and throw cash on 'em
Slap 'em like a bag, boy (Yeah)
And when I check her on a date, she need a passport (Uh)
I got her ass done, I got her what she asked for
I told her to bring her friend, I'ma pay for her (Pay)
Then kicked her out the group chat, she had an Android
This sample sound like auntie on the dancefloor (Auntie)
It sound like a hundred pounds in the bando (Bando)
It sound like a fucking coupe filled with ammo
It sound like a Rolls, Maybach, and Lambo'
It sound like a Rolls, Maybach, and Lambo' (Yeah)
It sound like a Rolls, Maybach, and Lambo' (Yeah)
It sound like a Rolls, Maybach, and Lambo'
It sound like a Rolls, Maybach, and Lambo'

[Outro: The Game]
It sound like a '64 in a glasshouse
It sound like a '64 in a glasshouse
It sound like a '64 in a glasshouse
Riding through Compton, hitting switches with the ass out
(You're much too good for me)

No Man Falls Song Information

  • Song: No Man Falls
  • Singer: The Game
  • Featuring: Pusha T & 2 Chainz
  • Written By: The Game, Pusha T, 2 Chainz & DONTMINDIFIDUKE
  • Release Date: August 12, 2022

Music Video

Music Video Of This Song Available Soon...

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