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One Time Lyrics - The Game

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Here is the lyrics of the latest song One Time sung by The Game. The lyrics of this song was written by The Game, Ice-T & DONTMINDIFIDUKE. The Song Is Produced By DONTMINDIFIDUKE, Davaughn & Angel Fernandez. The Release Date of this song is 12 August, 2022.

One Time Lyrics

[Verse 1: The Game]
The Fentanyl free, but the addiction gon' cost you
One time, one time, n!gga, one time
I lost you, FN-ed out your eyes when I crossed you

Stretch Maybach instead of payin' my lawsuits
Hit me in the Hellcat truck, du*kin' the one time
Let it off in the club, it was always more than one Shyne (Shyne)
Pop the cork on the bottle of aged Opus
Raw-doggin' hoes, nightmares of dyin' with AIDS, hopeless
One time for my n!ggas in the graveyard

Confused about religion 'cause God couldn't save y'all
Prayed to Allah like I was suited with a bow tie
Prayed to the Most High, then I went multi-
Platinum with hits, still fu*kin' low-level bit*hes that's ratchet as sh!t
Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse tatted on a$$es and sh!t (A$$es and sh!t)
Type of bit*hes that'll twerk on a casket and sh!t
Maybach a hearse how we slidin' past one time, one time, n!gga, one time

[Bridge: Ice-T]
I am a nightmare walkin', psychopath talkin'
King of my jungle, just a gangster stalkin'
Livin' life like a firecracker, quick is my fuse
Vendettas of death back, the colors I choose
Red or blue, Cuz or Blood, it just don't matter
Sucka dive for your life when my shotgun scatters
The gangs of L.A. will never die
Just multiply

[Verse 2: The Game]
N!gga, there go the one time, one time, n!gga, one time
Gang Task Force pullin' doors off the traphouse
N!ggas don't know the difference between that and the crackhouse
Intricate gang signs 'cause phones gettin' tapped out
We them n!ggas that Franklin and Leon try to act out

Livin' the lifestyle fake n!ggas wanna rap 'bout
And scatter like roaches when a n!gga pull the strap out
Get shot and stay quiet unless you got more than one spawn
How you say "snitch" in Japanese? Tekashi-ota (One time)
N!gga, we don't talk to the cops
All these drills and automatics, ain't no talkin' to opps

My pops and my uncle told me that and let me hold the strap
Cracked my homie Reggie, mama sold me that
I was just a thug from around the way
Bandana wrapped around my face, movin' the ounce a day
I was nine years old on the drumline
Smokin' with my older cousins, n!gga, let me hit that sh!t
One time, one time, n!gga, one time

One Time Song Information

SongOne Time
SingerThe Game
Lyrics ByThe Game, Ice-T & DONTMINDIFIDUKE
Produced byDONTMINDIFIDUKE, Davaughn & Angel Fernandez
AlbumDRILLMATIC - Heart vs. Mind 

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