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Three Primary Colors Lyrics - Yoasobi (English Translated)

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Presenting Three Primary Colors Lyrics Which Is Sung ByYoasobi And Three Primary Colors Song Lyrics Are Penned By Yoasobi. Official Music Video Is Released On "Yoasobi" YouTube Channel.

Three Primary Colors Lyrics

A story that was interrupted somewhere
We go beyond that again
No matter how many times you leave
You see, it's connected

See you soon
Words exchanged
How many Asahi have you seen since then
At the end of each life
Continuation of that day
Reunion day
Just the time to meet
Every time I pass, my heart beats
If you look up at the sky after the rain
Just like that day

Seven-colored bridge over
I met again here
We were connected all the time
What i want to talk about
What I want to convey
Because it overflows and doesn't stop

You see, I won't let you go, I'm sure
Being rushed by the seasons
Beyond the road
I'm away
How many times
If you retie strongly
Let's meet again
What is it?

Memories never stop
Memories and recollections traced
Trace and laugh
Fill your free time
Shortcut if you notice with words and words
Don't worry about tomorrow

It ’s like going back to the old days
Even so, it has changed
I'm sure there are many
But even today
As it was back then
If you notice, the sky begins to turn white
On one of our exhausted cheeks
A faint warmth to touch
Just like that day
Return to each day
Hey, the road I've walked to here
Although each is different
The same morning sun is now illuminated
I was able to overlap again
A story that was interrupted somewhere

We go beyond that again
What i want to talk about
What I want to convey
Fill the page
Look, I'll add more, as many times as I want
The red sunset I looked up at someday
The blue days we spent together
I won't forget

Because it won't disappear
Like green buds
I can meet again
The story begins with the white morning sun
"see you tomorrow"

Song Information

From the performance at Nippon Budokan, which was YOASOBI's first live performance with an audience, we will specially deliver the first day performance that was not recorded in the video work collection "THE FILM" and was broadcast only on WOWOW.

Music Video

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