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Ancestress Lyrics - Bjork

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Ancestress is a Latest English Pop Song by Björk. Ancestress Song Lyrics Are Penned by Björk & Sindri Eldon While Music is Produced by Björk. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel "Björk".

Ancestress Lyrics

[Verse 1: Björk]
My skull, it is my cathedral
Where this matrimort takes place
When I was a girl she sang for me
In falsetto lullabies with sincerity
I thank her for her integrity

[Chorus 1: Björk, Björk & Sindri Eldon]
My ancestress' clock is ticking
Her once vibrant rebellion is fading
I am her hopekeeper
I assure hope is there
At all times

[Verse 2: Björk]
My ancestress has left all manners
Her pulsating skin rebelling
The doctors she despised
Placed a pacemaker inside her

[Chorus 2: Björk & Sindri Eldon]
When you're out of time
How you look back changes
Did you punish us for leaving?
Are you sure we hurt you?
Was it just not "living"?

[Verse 3: Björk]
She had idiosyncratic sense of rhythm
Dyslexia, the ultimate freeform
She invents words and adds syllables
Hand-writing, language all her own

[Chorus 3: Björk & Sindri Eldon]
I don't have that story in my mouth
When you die, you bring with you what you've given

[Verse 4: Björk]
The machine of her breathed all night
While she rested
Revealed her resilience
And then it didn't

[Chorus 4: Björk & Sindri Eldon]
You see with your own eyes
But hear with your mother's
There's fear of being absorbed
By the other

[Verse 5: Björk]
By now, we share the same flesh
As much as I tried to escape it
This is no mediocre debris
My ancestress this is

[Chorus 5: Björk & Sindri Eldon]
The odour of our final parting
Those have been
The perfume of separation for centuries
The perfume of separation for centuries

[Verse 6: Björk]
Nature wrote this psalm
It expands this realm
Translucent skin let go of
A cold palm embalmed

Song Information

Song Ancestress
Singer Björk
Lyrics By Björk & Sindri Eldon
Produced By Robopop, Tyler Cole & Suzy Shinn
Genre Pop
Release Date 22 September, 2022

Music Video

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