Damn Lyrics In English – Fuiji Kaze

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Damn (English Translation) is a Latest English K-Pop Song by Fuiji Kaze. Damn (English Translation) Song Lyrics Are Penned by Fuiji Kaze While Music is Produced by Yaffle. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “Fuiji Kaze“.

Damn Lyrics In English

Never thought I would care this much
never thought i would be hooked this much
and i never thought it would get worse this much
i shouldn’t give a flying damn about it
i absolutely have nothing to do with it
and why do i have to care this much about it 
to you, the one who is leaving me gradually 
(no doubt it’s all my fault)

to you, the one who is walking away from me slowly 
(no need to blame anyone but)
me, the one who is getting dumber day by day
what should i do
what can i do
ah, how does it feel to be happy

…i really don’t remember
get out the way, cuz imma bout to come thru
don’t do that, cuz it’s disgusting as hell
i’m done, i’m totally done with everything
i know it’s too obvious

that i ain’t fucking perfect
…and i don’t have any expectations for myself, either
to you, the one i gradually fall in love with
(whose fault is it that i feel this weird way)
to blueness, which gradually turned into red
(it can’t be helped by blaming anyone but)
me, who’s getting dumber day by day
what should i do

what can i do
ah, what was the color of happiness
…i really don’t remember 
i once said “Let everything flow away” and then? 
i once said “I’ll give up everything” and then?
i once said “Live as if there’s no tomorrow” and then?
i know i’ve still got a long long way to go
but someday i will definitely catch up with u
damn damn don’t give a damn
just love in my head 
(hey little father won’t u come with me) 

we’ll just dancing away 
from bullshits ahead
(‘kay it’s okay yeah we gotta believe)
to me, the one who is getting closer gradually 
what shall we do
where shall we go
ah how does it feel to be happy
let’s go find out together 
i’m gonna love you for the rest of my life
i’m gonna protect you forever and ever

i love me,
and i will keep him in a
safest fairest happiest place baby

Song Information

Song Damn (English Translation)
Singer Fuiji Kaze
Lyrics By Fuiji Kaze
Produced By Yaffle
Genre Pop
Release Date 29 September, 2022

Music Video


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