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Foregone Pt. 1 Lyrics - In Flames

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Foregone Pt. 1 is a Latest English Rock Song by In Flames. Foregone Pt. 1 Lyrics Are Penned by In Flames While Music is Produced by In Flames. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel "Nuclear Blast Records".

Foregone Pt. 1 Lyrics

Find a way to bring me home 
Darkness is washing over the sky 
When all the trees have burned down 
Where does the crow fly? 
Take this as an offering 
Empty promises are dead 

All the rage and pain is gone 
Soon all the rivers run red 
All that matters is gone 
There is nowhere else to go 
No place for us to hide 
Nothing above and nothing below 
And the world has closed its eyes 
Mother time draws her final breath 
The innocent washed away 

The condemned, the dance of death 
It was easy to hide in the crowd 
We acted numb to the warnings ahead 
With everything that’s rotten 
Even the marching ants have fled 

Song Information

Song Foregone Pt. 1
Singer In Flames
Lyrics By In Flames
Produced By In Flames
Genre Rock
Release Date 15 September, 2022

Music Video


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