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Half Life Lyrics - Djo

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Half Life Is A Latest English Song By Djo. Half Life Lyrics Are Penned By Djo & Adam Thein While Music Is Produced By Djo & Adam Thein. Official Music Video Is Released On Official Channel "Djo Music".

Half Life Lyrics

I fight the urge to search my name
There's a better me, I swear
But curiosity

I see
I let my ego get the best of me
In the age of excess

Less may be best for me
God, it makes me sad
We're the last to know
The world is changing
And upgrading

Faster than we can control
Sick of living in the old days?
Mind burdened by the old ways?
Keep trying to forget about it?
Watch a video, don't fret about it (No)
You don't need it, why you want it? (Want it)
I don't see you moving on kid (On kid)
I don't see you moving on kid
No, I don't see you moving on

Now I see
I let these people dig their hooks in me
And I consider myself a fool
Plugged in
Half life
God, you're a fool
You think these people really care for you?
You really think they will be there for you?
Plugged in
That's a half life

I know you
I love you
I want you
I need you

You complete me (You complete me)
I adore you (I adore you)
I adore you (I adore you)
I adore you (I adore you)
I adore you

I adore you

Song Information

Song Half Life
Singer Djo
Lyrics By Djo & Adam Thein
Produced By Djo & Adam Thein
Genre Pop
Release Date September 9, 2022

Music Video

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