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Post Ryan Lyrics - Gilla Band

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Post Ryan is a Latest English Rock Song by Gilla Band. Post Ryan Lyrics Are Penned by Gilla Band While Music is Produced by Gilla Band. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel "Gilla Band".

Post Ryan Lyrics

hanging up on the floor again
overdosing chewing gum
chatting dance via braille
crushing the bottom of a snail
up on the floor again

ignore the five second rule
in recovery
i'm in recovery
i'm just saying craig
i'm just saying
i'm just saying craig

i'm a bit too much
so i shot a bad crisp and i never take
risks i have a rusty tongue clumsy lungs
and they call me safety phones
the safest of all fun
and i said i lived in our tent in my
backyard into anyone who'd listen in a
tent for attention
for attention
and i've never been an acid at least

cause i never understand them when they
use big words
of bed oh no not again
basically i
inevitable depression when i do nothing
inevitable depression when i do nothing

Song Information

Song Post Ryan
Singer Gilla Band
Lyrics By Gilla Band
Produced By Gilla Band
Genre Rock
Release Date 14 September, 2022

Music Video

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