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Rob You Maybe is one of the most famous song of Teefie. The released date of this song is June 13, 2018. The song was also written by Teefie.

Rob You Maybe Lyrics

“One-shot out the clip he fell.
Man down, watch out, time to bail.
Masked up so cameras can’t tell, (Huh?)
Supreme Ski on my face

I’d trade a cig for a GLOCK,
Don’t want the cooch I want top, (Want top)
Free Tay don’t know why he locked, (He locked)
But he’ll be home any day.

Dead guys we smokin’,
Ops, thots, got em chokin’.
We all pistol totin
Where the f*ck do you think yo’ ass goin’?

Hey, we got K rounds!
GLOCKs with 30,
Run up on me,
Ima do you dirty.
Hey, we got K rounds.
7.62’s, so you know I gotta beam
So I ain’t gon’ miss you.

Try to run in the dark.
Wouldn’t be smart,
Your a$$ will be grass,
Cuz you won’t get far.

Hey we got 30’s.
And we got FN’s.
I can’t love you bitch,
I want your best friеnd.”

Music Video Of Rob You Maybe Song

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