Tour Death Song Lyrics – All Them Witches

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Tour Death Song is a Latest English Rock Song by All Them Witches. ​Tour Death Song Lyrics Are Penned by All Them Witches While Music is Produced by All Them Witches. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “All Them Witches“.

Tour Death Song Lyrics

Would you cut me out
From them all
Just like the others

To go and [?] on the devil’s sword
Mark my words
I will stagger on back to Texas
Under the burning eye of an empty world
Lock myself and my thoughts
Not for the first time
Listen my mind ain’t what it used to be

I’m looking back to the East
And that’s where I started
And I don’t want it to catch up to me
Would you cut me out
From the cloth
I am your brother
You and I have been through many trials
Mark my words
I will dance upon Satan’s doorstep

Just for one more chance to see you smile
Throw out a prayer to Saint John
For the last time
Listen my faith ain’t what it used to be
But I’m looking out further Wеst
And that’s where I’m going
If I just stay herе long, I’ll just accompany you

Song Information

Song Tour Death Song
Singer All Them Witches
Lyrics By All Them Witches
Produced By All Them Witches
Genre Rock
Release Date 30 September, 2022

Music Video

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