Bored in Bristol Lyrics – Alvvays

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Bored in Bristol is a Latest English Pop Song by Alvvays. Velveteen Song Lyrics Are Penned by Alvvays While Music is Produced by Alvvays. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “Alvvays“.

Bored in Bristol Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If there’s a fine, I’ll pay it
If you are destroyed, I’ll call another ride
If that’s the game you’re playing
Let me know the rules
And I will be alright

Always waiting
Always waiting

[Verse 2]
If there’s a pill, I’ll swallow
Gazing out the window
We could do it
All the sentiment will follow
If you are home, soon then we can leave tonight

Always waiting, always waiting
Always waiting, always waiting

Getting on the last train
And no-one can stop me getting on the last freight
And no-one can follow getting on the last train
And no-one can stop me getting on thе last freight

I’m leaving in a fog
I’m leaving in a fog
If thеre’s a role, I’ll play it

Always waiting
Always waiting

Artificial light cascading
Cool dismissal self-effacing
Bored in Bristol
Always waiting

Song Information

Song Bored in Bristol
Singer Alvvays
Lyrics By Alvvays
Produced By Alvvays
Genre Pop
Release Date 7 October, 2022

Music Video

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