Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich Lyrics – JID

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Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich is a Latest English Rap Song by JID. Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich Song Lyrics Are Penned by JID While Music is Produced by JID. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “JID“.

Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich Lyrics

If You My Nigga
You My Nigga Then, Twin 
 Thick Or Thin,
I Was A Kid When
My Brother Went In 

 Now Your Lil Brudda The Man 
 Kinda Like Pac
In ‘above The Rim’ 
 Couple Ms,
Cut A Check, Cut A Film 
[people Talking]
– Wa$$up Let Me Get
Some Weed Yo Im About
To Roll Up Another One
[man] You Better Bring Your A$$
Over Here
 [crack Sandwich]
You Can Tell A Nigga Like Me
Ain’t Never Had Sh!t 
 Rip I Miss My
Dogs Like Mike Vic 
 Zombies In That Midnight Fog
Them Boys Sic ‘em 
 Fall Victim To A Gun Brawl
Started Over Some B!tches 
 Niggas Trippin’ They Taking
Whatever’s Given 
 The Irony When A Nigga
Starving Gotta

Grip The Biscuit 
 Jump The Fence,
Empty All The Dishes
Out Your Kitchen 
 If You Witnessing
The Click Click Clickin’
They Steal The Grits 

 Feel The Kick,
Fu*k A Catch Kill Em 
 Who Tryna Take The Hit? 
 First Take, Go To First Base 
 Stephen A. Smith
Wess On The Hip 
 Talkin’ Sh!t Like Skip 
 Or Shannon Sharpe Shootin,
Off The Top Of The Cliff 
 And If I Got To Bring It To
You Then It’s Gonna Be Sick 
 Put In My 10,000 Hours While
The Clock Still Tic, Zone 6 
 5 Fingers With
The Suck My D!ck 
Me And Izzy Was Slap Boxin’
Nigga Bust My Lip 
Start Fighting, Lil Brother On

Some Tough Guy Sh!t 
But If You Ever Did Me Wrong
He On Some Sh!t 
 Bust A Left, Feel The Pressure
Like The Bust Pipe Drip 

 Blood Red, Rum Sippin’ They
Ain’t Cut Like This 
 Mama Said, “you Fall Down
Stand Up Get A Bandage” 
 “i Ain’t Got Cheeseburger
Money Make A Sandwich” 
 “why You Being Bad?
See Your Dad,
Get Ya A$$ Whipped” 
 Seven Crackhead Bad Kids
In A Caravan 
[woman] Somebody Involved In
Stealin’, It’s On, It Wasn’t
[boy] It’s Gon’ Be So Bad
[man] When The Girl Went Off On
The Girl Went Off
On Precious, Rosalyn Went In
[girl] No, Rosalyn Said,
“Oh, For Real, I’ll See You When
You Get Outside”
[boy] Exactly, Exactly
[girl] That’s Okay, My Fault,
My Fault, My Fault
[boy] For Real? No, No, No, No
 Look, Uh, I Do It
For Royal And Rosalyn 
 Rachel And Carl,
Zzy, Precious, Destin 
 Strong, Seven Kids,
Different Blessings 
Izzy Athletic As Fu*k,

All American Star 
Hard Head, Scholarship To This
School In New Orleans 
On The Football Sh!t,
But In Class He
On The Smart Sh!t 
 Black Man Using His Mind,
It’s A Target On Your Forehead 

 Gotta Stay On Point
Like A Marksman 
 Make A Mark,
Leave A Footprint Marching 
 Bro Graduating So We Heading
To The Blue State 
 Fam Celebratin’ Granny Cookin’
Up A Few Cakes 
 Yeah, Gown On With
The Cap Like A Toupee 
 Handed A Diploma,
All The Routes Say, “Hooray” 
 Hooray, Today,
Catch A Bouquet 
 Tonight A Prolly Be A Movie 
 What’s A Blu-ray 
 I Got Some New
Jays, And A Fade 
 We Hit The Section
With The Football Team 
 And A Couple Other
[indistinct Chatter]
 Runnin’ My City,
I Am My Shooter 
 Minding My Business,
I Am Not You 
 Runnin’ My City,
I Am My Shooter 
 Minding My Business,
I Am Not You 
 Runnin’ My City,
I Am My Shooter 
 Minding My Business,
How About You 
 It Sound Cool
But Really This A Confessional 
 20 Minutes In And Precious
Done Went To The Restroom 
 Said They Got To Hittin’
With Some Women And They
Bout To Get Kicked Out 
 They Ain’t Even Tell Us
What That Sh!t Was About 
 All I Really Seen
From The Big Vip Couch 

 Was A Nigga Swing
And Hit My Sister Right
In The Mouth 
 The Bouncer Tried To
Block The Door So We
Couldn’t Get Out But Fu*k That 
 The Whole Team Bust
That Mufu*ka Down 
 Now We Fighting In The Street
It’s Like 10 Against 23 
 I Was 17 Swinging
On Any And Everything 
 Bing Bing, See My Brother
Doin’ Buddy Like A Boxin’ Ring 
 Ros Got A B!tch
Doing The Hair Weave Sling 
 So Beautiful, Beatin’ A$$ Was

Like A Family Thing 
 Fightin’ Niggas Made Us
Tighter In Spite Of How We Would
Argue And Scream 
 And Now We Brawling Right
Outside Of A Party
In New Orleans 
 And All The People Start
Police Calling 
 Pack Us Inside Of A Patty
Wagon We Sardines 
 To Saltine Crackers That Wanna
Shackle Us In Chains 
 Low And Behold They Held Us In
The Holding Cell For Six

And Maybe Seven Hours 
 Just To Let Us Go
Without A Stain 
 But Who’s To Blame When All Of
Us Got The Same Mind Frame 
 We Like A Gang Mom And Pop A
Prolly Be Proud And Ashamed 
 Pound For Pound My Sister
Precious Never Lost A Fade 
 Got Up Of The Gorund
And Said She Could Hear
My Father Saying 
 “when You Fall Down Stand
Up Get A Bandage” 
 “i Ain’t Got Cheeseburger
Money Make A Sandwich” 
 “why You Being Bad?
See Your Dad,
Get Ya A$$ Whipped” 
 Seven Crackhead Bad Kids
In A Caravan 
[man] Hold On, Hold On, Hold On
What Happened? What Happened?
What Happened?
[girl] We Came In The Club
-we’re Talking,
We Go In The Restroom
-i Go In The Bathroom,
Open The Door
-“Dang B, You Could’ve Said
-ros’ Said, “B, You Ain’t
Gotta Say All That, It Ain’t
That Serious”
-and She Was All,
“Oh, It’s That Serious Because

You Were In The Bathroom “
-ros’ Said, “Okay B, I Got You
B, Come Outside”
-taj, She Opened The Door,
Rosalyn Said “Roof”
-i Said, “Okay, We Fighting”
[man] Damn, She Was In The Stall
[girl] Oh The Stall Door
[woman] Yeah, She Was Peeing,
Girl, She Pulled Her Pants Up
-she Opened The Door And
Received It (Rosalyn Met Her)
[man] Ayy, You Know What?

Song Information

Song Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich
Singer JID
Lyrics By JID
Produced By JID
Genre Rap
Release Date 19 October, 2022

Music Video

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