Chip Chop Sampl 3ree Lyrics – KkButTerFLY27Xx

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Chip Chop Sampl 3ree is a Latest English Pop Song by KkButTerFLY27Xx. Chip Chop Sampl 3ree Song Lyrics Are Penned by KkButTerFLY27Xx While Music is Produced by KkButTerFLY27Xx. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “KkButTerFLY27Xx“.

Chip Chop Sampl 3ree Lyrics

at the chip shop 
looking like a slag 
sucking on the managers
d1ck for a f@g 
you got 10 quid 
lemme give u a sh@g
i’m looking for a dealer
ima need a 10bag
at the chip shop 

waiting for the dealer 
hair up in a bun, and my lipstick concealer 
then i hear my government 
yo hey kalila
turn around outside
what’s good my dealer 
tell me now what u got for me
cause u know i don’t give gock gock for free 

he said 
“i got this sh1t, sh1t so loud, sh1t so loud could hear in a crowd”
i’m just there like damn
getting fcked up really wasn’t my plan 
but i have to stan
now my mind gone like madeline mccann

Song Information

Song Chip Chop Sampl 3ree
Singer KkButTerFLY27Xx
Lyrics By KkButTerFLY27Xx
Produced By KkButTerFLY27Xx
Genre Pop
Release Date 30 September, 2022

Music Video

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