Mixed Emotions Lyrics – You Me At Six

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Mixed Emotions is a Latest English Pop Song by You Me At Six. Mixed Emotions Song Lyrics Are Penned by You Me At Six While Music is Produced by You Me At Six Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “You Me At Six“.

Mixed Emotions Lyrics

I was more forgiving
In the beginning
You never let the good ones go
Holding onto you like rope
Talking to my memories

Like they would remember me
Oh the good ones never get old
The rest of them I let go
When did you stop making sense?
You’re slurring your words again he said
Strung out on the bed
I can’t handle this
I’ve got mixed emotions

You’re a lightweight
Gotta get your head straight
Hellbent on a mistake
I’ve got mixed emotions 
It’s a little bit funny how

It all makes sense in the here and now
Oh we were just boys back then
Hanging on by a thread 
Didn’t know how to tell you
What it was I had been going through
Oh it’s better left unsaid

It’s been weighing me down since then
When did you stop making sense?
You’re slurring your words again he said 
Strung out on the bed
I can’t handle this 

I’ve got mixed emotions 
So tell me 
Tell me how your night went
Guess you lost license but
Did they like your accent

I’ve got mixed emotions mixed emotions 
I’m dancing on ceiling
Like I just lost all feeling
It’s history repeating 

I’m not mind reading
I’m not listening 
Face me, tell me how I’m complexed
And you are codependent
Pretend to be affected 
Life without you isn’t sweet

Song Information

Song Mixed Emotions
Singer You Me At Six
Lyrics By You Me At Six
Produced By You Me At Six
Genre Pop
Release Date 21 October, 2022

Music Video


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