Tile by Tile Lyrics – Alvvays

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Tile by Tile is a Latest English Pop Song by Alvvays. Tile by Tile Song Lyrics Are Penned by Alec O’Hanley & Molly Rankin While Music is Produced by Alec O’Hanley, Molly Rankin & Shawn Everett. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “Alvvays“.

Tile by Tile Lyrics

[Verse 1]
At night I pace the floors
Tile by tile, step by step, ’til I reach a wall
No use in forging on, I try wholeheartedly
But still end up on your lawn

‘Cause I’m still waiting on my invitation
I shouldn’t have ever gone in the truck
The whole ride writing in your condensation
I shouldn’t have ever been calling it love

[Verse 2]
At night I take the calls from telemarketers
In hopes of hearing your drawl
I let them blather on without a thought
I surrender my credit card

‘Cause I’m still combing through missed connеctions
I shouldn’t have ever followеd you up
I’m out here swimming in the wrong direction
I shouldn’t have ever been calling it love

(I’m still waiting)

Am I still giving off the wrong impression?
I shouldn’t have ever dialled you up
And I’m still lifting all your old expressions
I shouldn’t have ever been calling it love
I’m still waiting
(I’m still waiting)

Song Information

Song Tile by Tile
Singer Alvvays
Lyrics By Alec O’Hanley & Molly Rankin
Produced By Alec O’Hanley, Molly Rankin & Shawn Everett
Genre Pop
Release Date 10 October, 2022

Music Video


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