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The song “Addicted” is a rap song by Baby Smoove, with lyrics written by Baby Smoove and Jaelin Parker. It was produced by Enrgy Beats and released on November 19, 2022. The song is about addiction and its effects on people’s lives. It is a powerful and moving song that speaks to the struggles of addiction and the hope for recovery.

Addicted Lyrics

all right
[ __ ] copy everything
I went to sleep with 700 she was feeling
like a dream, I’m addicted to that money
I’m addicted to that link drop a fire to
myself they put cups on the beans it’s a
real big difference boy your hustle been
missed you can [ __ ] my old [ __ ] I’m so
rich I ain’t tripped the only reason you
had a chance cause I pattern no
attention don’t you know I could play
center Eddie pints in my kitchen I got
rich on my own I had to make their a$$
bleed if you said it to my face it ain’t
no way you wouldn’t believe I’m so Diva
to the streets where that water at my
knees he was [ __ ] with them [ __ ] so
I quit [ __ ] with weed hey on the
ground tough as hell but in my face
saying please my [ __ ] really selling
dog they got dogs they trying to breathe
you know it was broke he had a baby I
gave him what he needs no for real [ __ ]
that I gave my money out in weed [ __ ]
want to hang with me want to claim the
gang with [ __ ] one to hit the shows and
have matching chains when they say
whatever behind clothes
can’t respect that boy like me cause he
ain’t busting no brain with my forever
banking I’m forever thrown I’m that
[ __ ] in my hood cause I stood on ten
times so on that chop as a kid so
imagine I’m grown before I made it into
high school I sent the [ __ ] home I
couldn’t call my big brother I could
never call my daddy so a [ __ ] play with
mine better from his face I heard he got
his chain took with no guns silly rap
robbed the bank with a withdrawal took
everything they have I’m the tallest
[ __ ] that that [ __ ] ever [ __ ] with I
had cuffed a couple million I wasn’t
talking no [ __ ] I never had no advance
but I’m stupid dumb rich every [ __ ]
with me ready do some super dumb [ __ ]
you’re the type to hit your girl when
she do some whole [ __ ] I’m the type to
hit her friends shouldn’t have them both
pissed I heard that [ __ ] Ponder think
he ain’t got no Wrist all y’all [ __ ]
knew as hell trying to get on bro [ __ ] I
got pointers in my order tomorrow it
cost me six so I don’t even think he
load up I think he’s straight talk drove
six hours to the show at flashbacks of
the road my [ __ ]

Written By: ​Baby Smoove & Jaelin Parker

Addicted Song Info

SingerBaby Smoove
Lyrics ByBaby Smoove & Jaelin Parker
Produced ByEnrgy Beats
Release DateNovember 19, 2022

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