Crazy For Me Lyrics – Coco Jones

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Crazy For Me is a Latest English R&B Song by Coco Jones. Crazy For Me Song Lyrics Are Penned by Coco Jones While Music is Produced by London on da Track. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “Coco Jones“.

Crazy For Me Lyrics

All these eyes, they crazy on me
You wanna touch it? Go crazy on me
You spendin’ money like crazy on me
I make him love me, go crazy for me

Ah-ah, ah-ah (Ah)
Ah-ah, ah-ah (You crazy)
Ah-ah, ah-ah (Ooh)
Ah-ah (Crazy on me, crazy on me, yeah), ah-ah-ah

[Verse 2]
You know how to heat it [?]
You like a big boss [?]
You want a treat, right? (Yeah, go on and bite it)
Let me repeat that (Yeah, go on and bite it)
You might risk it all for me (Me, me)

Might not hear this phone for a week (Week, week)
No text back? I’ma make him read my mind
Said he wanna taste wit’ [?]

I can’t blame him, I get it, it’s hard to [?]
I’m dangеrous, I’m different, it’s [?]
Keep watchin’, the watchin’ thе eyes on me [?]
I might let you rock it (Rock it)

Song Information

Song Crazy For Me
Singer Coco Jones
Lyrics By Coco Jones
Produced By London on da Track
Genre R&B
Release Date 4 November, 2022

Music Video

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