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The Flood is a Latest English Rap Song by Slowthai With Song Audio Credits. The Flood Song Lyrics Are Penned by Slowthai While Music is Produced by Kenny Beats. Official Music Video is Released on Official Channel “Slowthai“.

The Flood Lyrics

[Intro: slowthai]
…Before I have chest pains on my scene
Woah, Kenny

[Verse: slowthai]
Spilled drugs on the rug now I’m face on the floor (Floor)
Slidin’ ’round like a slug, I can’t take it no more
Sad boy, all I want is a hug
In the club with your girl gettin’ shoulder rubs
How you wanna die? With a pole or a club? (Uh)
Then I go home, ‘fore I stop at the pub (Haha)
You’re the type to drown, I just float with the flood
Sure, I came from the mud and I’m hungry for blood
Tuggin’ on my d!ck ’cause I’m lovin’ it rough (Lovin’ it)
Did you kill anybody, uh-uh, I just shrugged (Liar)
Well played Mario, we mushrooms like Haribo
I don’t get bigger, I reverted to a tadpole

Song Information

SongThe Flood
Lyrics BySlowthai
Produced ByKenny Beats 
Release Date11 November, 2022

Music Video

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