Fix Video Editor Error Code 0x80070497 “We Couldn’t Export” Windows 11/10

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Are you looking for a way to solve the common Video Editor error code 0x80070497 “we couldn’t export” on your Windows 11/10 operating system? We know how troubling it can be when these sorts of errors arise with no clear resolution. Fret not, we are here to provide some guidance that is sure to help you figure out what went wrong and, more importantly, how you can fix it! Read on as we explore the source of this issue and go through the steps necessary to resolve this pesky problem.

Methods To Solve “We Couldn’t Export” Error (0x80070497)

Restart Video Editor:

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is simply restart your video editor. This will help clear up any bugs or glitches that may be preventing you from exporting videos properly.

Use Microsoft Photos Legacy:

Using Microsoft Photos Legacy is an easy way to fix the “We Couldn’t Export” Error (0x80070497). This legacy version of Microsoft Photos has been around for many years, and while it may not be as feature-rich or intuitive as the newer versions of the software, it is still as reliable and effective when it comes to exporting videos. When you open up Microsoft Photos Legacy, you will be presented with a familiar interface featuring navigation menus and editing options that allow you to easily customize your video before exporting. You can easily add transitions, titles, and effects to your video in order to give it more appeal. Additionally, you can also adjust the volume levels on your audio tracks without any issue. Once you’ve finished customizing your video, simply click on the ‘Export’ button located in the top-right corner of the window. From here you will be given a few different options such as resolution type, file format, and quality settings which you’ll need to select before beginning the export process. Depending on how complex your video is and its overall size, it may take some time for the export process to finish. Once completed however, your exported file should then be free from any errors or issues that were preventing its initial export. Using Microsoft Photos Legacy can help alleviate any issues related to Error 0x80070497 quickly and effectively without having to worry about compatibility concerns or other errors that might arise from using a newer version of Microsoft Photos. Furthermore, those who are looking for more advanced editing capabilities may benefit from using this older version instead since it offers more detailed control over each aspect of a project than newer versions do.

Repair Photos Legacy Software

Repairing or resetting the Photos Software from within Photos Legacy settings in Windows is a relatively easy process. First, launch the Photos Legacy Software and click on ‘Settings’ at the top-right corner of the window. This will bring up a list of options that you can adjust to customize your photos editing experience. Look for ‘Reset’ or ‘Repair’, and click on either one to perform the repair/reset process. This will delete any data associated with Photos Legacy and reinstall the program in its original state. Once complete, restart your computer and reopen Photos Legacy to see if the Error 0x80070497 has been resolved.

Update Video Editor Software

If none of the above steps have resolved this issue, then it’s likely that your video editor software needs an update.

Try To Export In Different Format:

If all else fails, try exporting your video in a different format. Open up the export settings of your video editor and select a different file type for your project. This may help to fix any compatibility issues that are preventing you from exporting successfully.


Video editing is a creative outlet, and nothing can be more frustrating than the video editor not working correctly. Fortunately, although error code 0x80070497 “we couldn’t export” in Windows 11/10 may seem like a problem with no easy solution, following our tips above may help you to fix it in no time. Restarting your video editor, using Microsoft Photos Legacy if that doesn’t work, repairing the Photos Legacy App, trying to export your video again in different formats and updating your video editor software are all potential solutions that one should consider when they encounter this issue. Keep our tips on hand the next time this happens so you can get back to creating without worry. We hope these fixes have helped put you back on track!

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