Traumatised Lyrics – Clavish

[Verse]Uh, if boy’dem pull up, know I’m cutting firstI was upset when bro got first blood ’cause I tried cuttin’ firstThis white girl more than average, make my number jerkThese dotty pellets spread, that’s worse than a fuckin’ germErm, what’s gonna help me live my bestest life?Money up, bestest timesThem times, bro was still aliveI … Read more

Panopticom Lyrics – Peter Gabriel

[Verse 1]In the air the smoke cloud takes its formAll the phones take pictures while it’s warm [Chorus]PanopticomLet’s find out what’s going onPanopticomLet’s see where clues are leadingPanopticomWon’t you show us what’s going on?PanopticomSo how much is real? And we pour the medicine downWhile we watch the world around usWe got witness on the groundTakin’ … Read more

Die In the Streets Lyrics – DThang

[Intro: DThang & DJ Drama](Grrah)(Gang, gang, gang)(Grrah)Ain’t nothin’ but a DThangAyo, free my hearts (D)Free my risk-takers (J)Free my niggas, nigga, like what? (Drama)Huh?(They know what’s goin’ on) [Verse: DThang]I said I’m smokin’ on dead oppsTryna cruise through the X, tryna see what they onAnd shorty a dead thot (Huh?)Said I fucked her one time, … Read more

RZA Lyrics – French Montana

[Intro: DJ Drama & French Montana]I pledge allegiance to the Coke BoysSpecial for the streets(Coke Boy, baby)I pledge allegiance to the Coke Boys (Uh) [Verse 1: French Montana]Smoked ’em like a Lucy (A Lucy), money think like Aruci (Aruci)Servin’ that raw sushi, get it off the ‘Gram like Boosie (Boosie)Sicker than your average (Average), brick … Read more


[Intro](One, two)(Fuck you) [Verse 1]Self-serve, it’s all that you can eatHow will we pay? We’re the commodityWe can never help ourselvesWe want it all and nothing elseMarket plan, consume, buy everythingCreate desires and trade them publiclyThe sweet smell of our excessWe choke and gag upon the stench [Pre-Chorus]Every dime spared from the war fundAnother pill … Read more

This Time Lyrics – Sam Ryder

[Intro]Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na, na-na (Oh-ah) [Verse 1]Wave goodbye to all your friends when you made it big, mmGot a big old desk and a door with your name engraved on itYou’re never satisfied unless you’re chomping at the bit (Oh yeah)You got the keys to a penthouse suite with an ice-cold bed in it [Chorus]When you’re … Read more

Crashing Down Lyrics – Sam Ryder

[Verse 1]Seasons changingLeaves are falling to our feetThere’s no escapingYour steady handAnd my heart beats like a strangerWipe away the tears with my sleeve [Verse 2]You pull away from meYou tell me you made up your mindI stare back vacantlyBut you don’t even meet my eyesAnd then it hits meThis is where it ends for … Read more

Ten Tons Lyrics – Sam Ryder

[Verse 1]Life is a storm that we all faceFull of new ways for you to lose your faithEasy to be overwhelmed when you’reCaught under the waveYour life is a series of joys and heartaches [Verse 2]I can’t explain why you’re feeling this wayMaybe you carry too much and you suffocateEasily overwhelmed when you’reCaught under the … Read more