Tight Rope Lyrics – Oliver Francis

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Tight Rope Lyrics


The summer turns to autumn but in the spring the leaves return
Life is just a constant cycle of death and rebirth
I do the same, live and try and apply the things I learn
Shedding versions of myself with every rhyme and every verse
You been chewin’ on yo’ best foot, tryna put it first
Fu*k anyone’s approval, homie, recognize your worth
And bro, I know that death trap tryna pull you asunder
But don’t ever fall for nothing, not even the end of summer
Trapped inside a mental cage, caught up in a labyrinth
Live here in the present, tryna rise to every challenge
Battlin’ on a tight rope, tryna maintain some balance
Keep it full pressin’ ‘head with the force of a horse’s gallop
And every day you born anew, like the faces of the moon
Summer dies and winter looms, but the cycle brings it back to bloom
When everything you have is everything you want
The love will find a way to shine in everything you touch
And it’s hard to see the light in all of the darkness you been fighting through
But close your eyes and try to find a yin yang inside of you
I know the shit I’m saying is easier said than done
But I’m just tryna give you hope that the battle can still be won
Allow the simple things in life to bring you joy
You might accept yourself kid and find conviction in your voice
Your back against the wall and you starin’ into the void
No matter how it seem, I swear you always have a choice
The path is circular, you’ll make it back to where you started
Tired and brokenhearted but stronger now and you smarter
Shrouded in your shadows and chasin’ after the sunray
And maybe not tomorrow but I promise you’ll smile one day
Covetousness of another got you feelin’ like you’re less than
Feelin’ stuck as fu*k got you envious of the next man
But when everything you have is everything you want
The love will find a way to shine in everyone you touch, yo

SongTight Rope
SingerOliver Francis
LyricsOliver Francis
Produced ByOliver Francis
Release DateJanuary 2, 2023

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